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Memiors of a Starseed [entries|friends|calendar]
Cherry Night

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Why do people always make me feel like this??? [02 Apr 2015|10:25pm]

I don't know why people always make me feel so shitty inside, like I'm always saying or doing the wrong things! Maybe I have anxiety because I cant say no and I lets things build up but I really do hate hyprocrates!

Out of anger and frustration, I want to group them into a category and call them meatheads! Yes, they are meatheads but its like calling someone white, chink or beanie. They're unenlightened beings who don't know any better! Why do I have to be surrounded by idiots?

I've just had it and I'm ready to throw in the towel! I guess I didn't know it'd be this hard...I don't know what I thought it'd be like but I just want peace! Was it so bad to be in our own world? Why should we have to give up everything to fix everyone's shit?

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